I know I don’t have many followers, and not writing aricles frequently does hurt that. But I would like to inform those who do follow, or who are considering doing so, that I am not done writing.

I was simply in a car wreck recently, and haven’t been up to writing anything. I am mostly ok, but I did injure my back and my car war totalled. I’ve been in a lot of pain, and have also been busy with dealing with the other guy’s insurance, he was at fault, as well as the hospital, the search for a new car, and getting insurance for my new car.

So, between injury, exhaustion, being busy, and just being plain frustrated, I have just not been able to conjure up the ability to write.

I plan to return to writing here in the next few days. I have one article on Gen:Lock that is nearly complete, I was working on it the day of the crash, and just finished The Ancient Magus Bride, so I will be doing a full review on that soon as well.

Thank you for our patience,


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