Mid-season Overview: The Rising of the Shield Hero

In the past several years the Isekai genre has become a huge thing. With No Game No Life, Re: Zero, and many other well received anime, I can see why it is a popular genre. And I have to admit, it is a genre that I have come to enjoy. I feel it might be slightly overdone, but the premise is fun, and forms the baseline for a good show.

Shield Hero starts off like many of its genre. The main character shows up, goes through the motions of their day to day life, then gets swept up and pulled into anoter world by some fashion. In this case, Naofumi goes to a libray and starts reading some books, then is summoned.

Once he arrives in this alternate world, he is immediately introduced to three other characters, who were similarly called upon, and each is granted a legednary weapon. One a spear, one a bow, one a sword, and he is given a shield.

Apparently the world is threatened with the apocalypse, this case in the form of waves of calamity. These wavs unleash torrents of monsters into the world, and can apparently only be stopped by the heroes of legend. The heroes in question, are of course the four heroes summoned from another world.

Here’s where the plot takes an interesting turn. The heroes are revered, welcomed, and praised for being their saviors… well all except fo the shield hero. Apparently the shield hero is considered a joke, and treated as second rate. They even go as far as to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit, thus turning him into an outcast.

From there Naofumi begins a journey that leads him down into the depths of despair and anguish. Cursing being summoned. Cursing being chosen. Cursing the King and Kingdom that brought him there. He ultimately becomes very bitter and isolated.

But this is the “rising” of the shield hero, not the fall, right? Well, to rise, one must first start from the bottom. And this story is definitely one of a man falling to the bottom, then overcoming such a fall, and ultimately rising to the top.

Naofumi’s journey, thus far at least, has inspired the full range of emotions. I have laughed, roared in anger, and even cried. This is the kind of show that has great emotional depth, lovable characters, and a unique spin on a very popular storyline.

This show is absolutely fantastic, and I would strongly urge everyone to see it. It’s not only one of my favorite shows of the season, but it has quickly become one of my top all time favorite anime shows.

Do yourself a favor, and watch this show.


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