Mid-season Overview: Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

A race of creatures known as the Disas, basically giant demonic plushies, invade Earth, and start rampaging. I know, this sounds like it’s off to a bad star, I mean killer teddy bears, really? But stick with me.

The Disas, despite an often eerily cute appearance, are horrific killing machines. Equipped with gnashing teeth, rending claws, and powerful magical force fields. Also, I did mention they are giant, right? These things are like 10 to15 feet tall. Because of their shields, our modern weapons are mostly useless aganst them. And so they pretty much rampage unchecked across the planet.

That is, until we got some outside help. Spirits from another world come to Earth, and grant us the ability to bond young girls to them, thus creating magical girls. This gives us a much needed defense against these unstoppable creatures. The magical girls use their combined powers and thwart the Disas, thus saving the planet. But this isn’t the plot of the show, this all happens in the first few minutes, of the very first episode. It’s just the backdrop.

The actual story of this show is how these young girls deal with surviving the horrors of war. These are just teenage girls after all. We all hear the grim stories of child soldiers in Africa, but how much do we really think about it?t This show takes you there.

Now, that’s not to say this is the only plot line. It’s just the portion pertaining to the characters directly. The world still goes on around them, and the world has been forever changed by the introduction of magic. The criminal underworld has gotten its hands on magic, and now uses this new found power to wreak havoc. Which leaves our magical grls, still recovering from the war, with all new threats to deal with.

This is a dark magical girl anime, with a heavy focus on the psychological aspects of war. It’s gory, dark, and often heartbreaking. Everything you would expect of the dark magical girl genre.

If dark magical girls is your thing, I would recommend this anime. If you don’t care for seeing innocent people torn asunder, watching rather gruesome torture, or listening to some rather disturbing back stories, then I would steer clear of this title. As for myself, I am enjoying this show quite a bit.


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