Mid-season Overview: The Promised Neverland

Ok, so this is a hard show to give an overview on, because I feel talking about it too much, ruins the anime. But I’ll do my best.

This anime starts off in an orphanage. The kids seem happy. Mom, the woman assigned as their caretaker, seems kind and loving. Other than this being an orphanage, it seems to be good. But then a few things start to stick out, as though something is out of place. Little things for the most part, but there is one big thing. The kids all have barcode tattoos on their necks. Weird, right?

Suffice to say, this is an anime that isn’t what it seems. The Promised Neverland is a heavily plot driven anime, one with plenty of twists and turns. And every episode leaves with some cliff hanger.

As far as an anime goes, this one draws you in very quickly, and does a good job of keeping you there. The animation is top notch, though a few of the 3D rendered scenes are off, the story is very gripping, and the characters are easy to get attached to.

If you want an anime wth deep plot, and a story that leaves you wondering how anyone will survive, then I would recommend this show. I know I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.


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