Mid-season Overview: Endro!

Ok, so this is a show a friend recmmended to me. And I have to say, I’m grateful that he told me about it.

Endro! is aboout a group of girls attendiing adventurer school. Like many fantasy based anime these days, the characters each have an assigned class, and they are aware of it. You have the warrior, priest, mage, and the hero.

The hero is the focus of this anime, though it could be argued that the other three party members are just as equally main characters. But I say Yusha, the hero, is the main character because of the plot. See, the hero class is something special, it only appears when a demonlord has either appeared, or is about to appear. The hero is of destined to face the demonlord, save the world, and ride off into the sunset!

Sounds kinda stereotypical, right?

Here’s the funny thing, in the very first episode, it begins with the demonlord being defeated. But before the demonlord is beaten, it is dragged back through time, to before Yusha became the hero. So, like any devious evil doer, the demonlord sets about Yussa’s demise!

The demonlord decides to do this by becoming a teacher at the adventurer school Yusha attends, and then attempts to thwart her progress! But the demonlord quicly comes to the conclusion that Yusha can’t be prevented from becoming a hero, so the demonlord gives up, and decides to live a normal life.

So, now you may say, why watch the anime? It sounds like it starts off as a stereotype, but clearly veers from it. And with my description of it, you now know the entire plot. But here’s the thing, all of that happens in the first two episodes. That’s the set up, not the story!

This anime is hilarious, unique, and adorable. It’s a slice of life anime, under the guise of a fantasy adventure one. Sure there are battles, and adventures, but the real story is of four friends having a good time, and driving their demonlord of a teacher nuts.

If you are looking for something light hearted, fun, and a bit different from everything else, I would strongly recommend checking this show out.


2 thoughts on “Mid-season Overview: Endro!

  1. I’ve been kind of enjoying this one. It is a little light for me in the moments where they are kind of just sitting around and being friends (not big on cute girls doing cute things shows), but there’s enough other stuff happening in the story and it is usually good fun. Also, they are really managing to keep the characters interesting even though they start out fairly trope-like.


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