Belgrade (The Battle Tapes)

Ok, so I recently watched a show called Gen:Lock, and while I intend to review it, I want to say review it’s open soundtrack first.

This song is amazing! Straight up. It has catchy lyrics, a good rhythm, and a strong, driving sound.

I fell in love with the song with in the first few seconds of Gen:Lock’s opening scene. Before I even made a decision on the show, I knew I needed more of this song, and possibly the artist behind it, in my life.

Immediately I pulled out my phone, fired up Shazam, and identified the song. Shazam informed me that it was performed by The Battle Tapes. I hadn’t heard them, or of them. So I fired up Spotify and looked them up, and sure enough they had them! I then proceeded to check out more of their work, and found I enjoyed all of it. Now, Belgrade is their best work in my opinion, but their other work is still very good.

If you haven’t heard The Battle Tapes, and more specifically Belgrade, I strongly recommend that you do so.


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