The Ancient Magus Bride

As I had mentioned, I intend on discussing my various interests. One such major interest is anime. As I just got through watching an episode, I decided to make a quick post before turning in.

The anime I watched was The Ancient Magus Bride, episode 5.

The anime has a total of 24 episodes, and as I’m just 5 in, I think it’s too early to really review. But I would like to comment on it.

So far, the anime has been super good. It’s kinda simple in the way the story flows. Slow enough to be soothing, but not too slow as to get boring. The animation is top notch, and I love how they sitch to a cutesy style at times, which is starkly contrast by the darker theme of Elias, who is the Ancient Magus from which the show derives its name.

It has managed to be quite funny at times, and it has been just as heart breaking. I would recommend it based on what I have watched.

It’s certainly odd, in that it manages to be both light hearted, and yet movings, as well both cute and dark. I think the contrast with in its self is what I like most about it.

Well, I’m off to bed. G’night.


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